Full Monthly Budget

The Monthly Budget is a very detailed way to track all of your income and expenses, including tracking each credit card charge. The sample worksheet on this page includes room to document each purchase for 3 different credit cards.

I spent many hours designing and modifying this worksheet so we could easily enter our income and expenses and be able to track on a monthly basis if we had enough money to cover our bills and our Automatic Wealth Building Program. One of the most important aspects of the Full Monthly Budget for you will be to list your Automatic Wealth Building Program monthly investments as an expense, right below your Rent, Utilities, Food. By doing this you will change your view of your investments from a desire to a fixed expense. It also forces you to look for areas to cut back in order to fund your investment accounts.

We found and I think you will also find that by tracking all of your credit card purchases you will see areas you were not aware of how much you spend and make changes.

On January first of each year, I look forward to completing the worksheet for the full year because much of our income and expenses do not very much month to month. I can quickly see which months we will be short and which months we have a little extra income. The budget also has a totals column at the end of the year so we can see our total net income, the total we invested into our Automatic Wealth Building Program and how much we spent on each expense.