Driver # 10 ~ Results

  • Results (Driver #10 Mindset ~ Results)
    • Keep a list of your savings as reinforcement of sticking with your plan.
    • Acknowledge your wins. Track your gains and be proud of your progress. Seeing your account values rise is plenty of incentive to keep you on track, building wealth year after year. Set some long-term goals such as to take that dream vacation once you meet the goal you establish on the 1DriverAtAtime End Goal Worksheet.
    • Advocate others consider the Automatic Wealth Building Program. Talk about what you are doing with family and friends and be an advocate for a plan that will help your loved ones build wealth and live a more authentic life. Spending time with family and friends is very rewarding and having those you love be part of the 1DriverAtAtime process gives you something to have in common and a shared approach to life. Nights out could turn into potluck dinners at your home instead. Make it fun and adventurous with new dishes, be creative and add a theme to the meal. Get the whole family involved, eat some great home cooked food and play games.