Driver #8 ~ Less is More

  1. Less Is More (Driver #8 Mindset ~ ‘Less is More’)
    • Buy quality and reliability over quantity and flashy. I have always believed you get what you pay for, so we focus on buying quality versus quantity. We believe in having a few good quality items versus many low-quality items. We buy clothing that will last, and avoid high-end clothing stores.
    • Change your belief about money. I have mentioned this before that it is important to change your view of money and possessions. We believe money is something to be saved and invested which can be a very rewarding process as you see your net worth grow over time.
    • Change your view of possessions. Driving down my street on a typical day and seeing the neighbor’s garage door open with no room to park a car and in many instances barely any room to walk. I recently spoke to an acquaintance whose father is involved in commercial real estate and recently started focusing on building and managing self-storage units. There is something to be said when this type of business is thriving ~ we own too much stuff!
    • Live an authentic life. What’s my definition of an authentic life… Be comfortable with who you are, how much you earn, the possessions you have, and where you live. There is no value in trying to impress others if it is going to harm your financial wellbeing.