Driver #3 ~ Focus on End Goal

  1. Focus on End Goal (Your Driver #3 Mindset ~ your End Goal)
    • Set an end goal of how much income you anticipate to meet your retirement needs. Don’t worry if you’re not sure, the1DriverAtATime Automatic Wealth Building Program is a living document, meaning it will change over time. The important thing is the start the process and lay the groundwork today and make small adjustments over time to attain your financial goals. My wife and I have a personal goal to have investment income equaling our anticipated Social Security income. You can view your annual social security statement by creating an account at
    • Click here for the 1DriverAtAtime End Goal Worksheet
    • Setup Auto investment from your checking or savings Account.
    • Calculate your retirement income needs.
    • View your annual Social Security Statement each year.
    • Use your 1DriverAtAtime Monthly Budget weekly to track your income and expenses. project your income and expenses for future months as well. If you do not know your exact income or expenses, use amounts that are close to what you believe the value will be. My Monthly Budget is planned out for the full year and I make adjustments as needed each month.
    • Be an Advocate for frugality, talk about it with family and friends and be proud of your new way of life and the goals you have established.
    • If your employer offers a 401k Plan or other Retirement plans, take advantage of it and contribute the amount necessary to receive the full company match. The company match is free money and can add a substantial amount to your retirement plan over time, don’t pass up the “free” money!