Driver #1 ~ Commitment

  1. Commit to making a change. ( Your Driver #1 Mindset ~ commitment to making some simple changes that will have a profound financial impact over time.)
  2. Sign a Commitment/Contract with yourself.
  3. Evaluate your current habits and pick areas you will change
    1. Cut back on restaurants and meals out.
    2. Take the opportunity to evaluate any bad habits ~ smoking, alcohol, excessive shopping, etc. to improve your health and well being in addition to building wealth. Bad habits can be very expensive, financially and to your health.
    3. Cut back on trips to your favorite coffee house. (See my ‘True Cost of Coffee’ worksheet on the resources page.)
    4. Evaluate your entertainment expenses, i.e. cancel expensive cable and subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, etc. for huge annual savings.
    5. If you have credit card debt, set up a plan to pay them off early.

Click the links below for access to the Variable Expense Worksheet which you can use to identify specific areas you can cut back your spending.

The link below is a sample contract you can use as is or modify for your specific needs to help solidify your commitment to building wealth 1DriverAtATime.