About 1DrvierAtAtime

1DriverAtAtime quite frankly started out of need. I was recently married, in debt and realizing my wife and I needed a plan to get our finances in order. I’ve always considered myself a saver, but being newly married and reviewing our assets and liabilities my wife and I both realized we needed to get serious about paying off our credit card debt, wedding debt included and start saving some money in the hope of starting a family. I didn’t realize it at the time but with a background as a stockbroker and with jobs in finance I did the only thing I could think of and created an excel worksheet to track our paychecks and bills each month and the initial 1DriverAtAtime Monthly Budget was born.

With this excel worksheet, I calculated our income and how much we could afford out of each paycheck to pay off our credit card debt while also saving a few bucks each month. I have always had a frugal mindset so as challenging as this task was, I enjoyed the process and looked forward to updating our worksheet as we were able to pay more towards our credit cards and as they were paid off and removed from the worksheet.

I believe everyone has the ability to save a substantial amount of money and grow their net worth over time if they follow a few principals (Drivers) which I have explained on this website and will blog about.

Second, we live in a time that could use some Kindness, so I blog positive thoughts in the hope it resonates with my readers and will make a difference in peoples lives.